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Using state-of-the-art patented technology, the PROPRIO® Reactive Balance Systems benefit the widest range of people – from fragile geriatric patients at risk of falling to NFL and Olympic athletes seeking performance enhancement; from the Army’s wounded soldiers to individuals who have suffered from a stroke or Parkinson’s disease.


We're pleased to announce recognition of the PROPRIO® in assessing and improving postural control in Umphred's classic Neurological Rehabilitation 6th edition. Our revolution has moved into classrooms across the United States.

Like you, we're passionate about helping people achieve their goals in rehab, on the playing field, in everyday life. Finding our website is the first step. Asking us questions is the second. Together, we're going to change peoples' lives.

Proprio 5000

Perry Dynamics is revolutionizing the rehabilitation and sports medicine fields with the introduction of the PROPRIO® Reactive Balance System. Never before has one affordable system offered as versatile and effective assessment, measurement, and training of neurologic, orthopedic, or vestibular issues affecting dynamic balance, posture, strength and mobility.

Perry Dynamics is pleased to have connections with some very skilled and talented athletes. Mina Yamazaki is a Multiple-time National Champion in Karate, and is Perry Dynamics PROPRIO Athlete.  Learn more about Mina on Perry Dynamics Proprio Athlete page.

Being just 11 months post ACL, my recent experience with Proprio 5000 was therapeutic and informative. Just after my first test I could see where I needed to work on my rehabilitation. Then, the next few sessions, I could track my results...very beneficial and well rounded balance and rehab system! Give it a try!!


- Mina Yamazaki