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Revolutionaries Wanted.


Since 2003, we’ve been changing the way people approach balance rehabilitation. And now we want YOU to think differently about the next product line you decide to represent. We’re not satisfied with simply helping our independent sales reps sell, although we’ll work day and night to make that happen; We want to build long-term partners and help you to build a long-term business. We’ll share our strategic thinking and our insightful conclusions. We’ll provide creative ways to distinctively communicate with decision makers. We’ll listen to you and put your thoughts into action. We’ve found a way to package our out-of-the-box thinking into better rehabilitation. The PROPRIO® Revolution has begun. Are you a revolutionary? Let’s talk. Contact Joe Perry at


Perry Dynamics

3221 North Woodford Street

Decatur, Il 62526

Tel: 217-872-1530
Fax: 217-872-1010

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